Roaring Twenties Wedding Theme - Wedding Party

Wedding Dress and Wedding Party - Whether it’s the Great Gatsby or the look of gangsters, a roaring twenties wedding theme can add a fun and unusual spin to any wedding. If you are interested in being united in the look of the twenties, here are some different ideas to get you started.

The 1920’s had a style all its own and with a twenties wedding theme, planning will be enjoyable and memorable. Start by transforming your wedding party into an era of “speakeasy” with costumes resembling Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Malone, and John Dillinger. You and your future husband can also think about dressing yourselves up as Bonnie and Clyde.

The bride’s dress should fit into the twenties wedding theme. Have a seamstress design one with an intermission hemline, making it shorter in front and long in the back. Dropped waistline and pleated skirts were a popular look in the twenties and would make a beautiful wedding dress. For headdress, try a Juliet cap, coronet or a simple band of silk flowers worn lower on the forehead. Don’t forget stockings (pantyhose) that have noticeable seams. These were a big look for women of the twenties.

The bridesmaids of the roaring twenties wedding party can dress in flapper dresses with long, dangling bead necklaces, feather boas and seamed stockings. Remember the bright red lipstick. No twenties rendition would be complete without it!

Zoot suits, English driving caps, suspenders and wing tip shoes were the craze for grooms and groomsmen in the roaring twenties. Most tuxedo shops will either carry great selections from this era or know of another shop you can visit to find this great attire.

For a roaring twenties wedding theme, think glittering lights, rough men, and romance. Although known for its crime age, the twenties also became known as the Jazz Age, with the likes of flappers and the Charleston. Music was upbeat and enjoyable, skirts were short and the economy had everyone in high spirits. This is the feel you want to incorporate into your wedding theme.

Think about your invitations and what you want them to say. These will initially set the mood of your guests before they even attend your big day. Include passwords on the invitation and have two friends stand at the door of the reception and ask guests to recite the password if they want to enter. Be original. Use different passwords on different invitations, depending on the guest. If it is an old school friend, use your nickname from high school as the password. If your grandma had a name she called you, use this as her password. Also on the invitation, let your guests know that although they are not required to wear attire fit for the theme, it is welcomed and would be fun.

Name your reception tables when seating your guests at your roaring twenties reception. Have an ‘Al Capone’ table, a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ table, which can be used for the wedding party, and a ‘Lucky Luciano’ table. Attach guest names to long cigarette holders that were used in that era.

Another great idea for your roaring twenties theme is to include on the invitations that there will be contests held during the reception. Have the disk jockey play jazz music, swing music and organize these contests. You can include a contest for best dance and best costume. You can also set up a booth for your guests to have their photos taken as a souvenir to take home.

How To Relax And Enjoy Your Wedding Day - Wedding Party

Wedding Dress & Wedding Party - Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Yet, many brides, more so than grooms will suffer great anxiety until they finally go to bed that night; that is, if they can sleep. Here are some things to consider so that you can enjoy your wedding day.

1. There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding day. There’s always going to be something that’s not going to go right; that’s just the nature of life. If you remember that, then you’ll be able to roll with whatever comes up.

2. Have a sense of humor about the day. One wedding I went to had the reverend have the couple getting married facing the wrong way. At another one, a young child kept answering every question the priest was asking the couple being married. There are things you just can’t control, and anything you can’t control, don’t worry about it,

3. Make sure you’ve put together your wedding party properly. It’s not only the best man and maid of honor you need to think about, but the other members of the wedding party and how best they match up with each other. Don’t force two people who don’t like each other to be with each other throughout the wedding day. Don’t pick a child who might be too young to understand their role in the wedding ceremony because they might not be able to fulfill their duties. Use good judgment up front and you won’t have to worry about any of these things on your wedding day.

4. Make sure there will be good air circulation in the room where you’re getting married. I’ve seen many brides, and every once in awhile other members of the bridal party, pass out and collapse under the heat and stress of the day. If it’s going to be a hot day make sure there are fans available for the wedding couple and wedding party.

5. Don’t add too many things to the ceremony that involve participation from you that you may not be ready for. This includes singing a song during the ceremony or reading your vows in public. If it’s something you’re not ready for, or you get nervous in front of crowds, don’t do it.

6. Speaking of being nervous in front of crowds, remember that all eyes are going to be on your during the ceremony. It’s your special day. You’re going to look great, be dressed great, and no matter how long or short the ceremony is, hopefully you’ll make it to the end when the person marrying you says “you are now man and wife; you may kiss the bride.” That’s what the day is all about.

Proper Dress Code For Wedding Etiquette - Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress & Wedding Party - In our modern society, no one would care if you break a small rule or bend some rules to make accommodate your wishes. And this also applies to wedding ettiquette + clothing. You can break some wedding etiquette rule according to your wishes.

Although old and traditional rules have now been modified, you should learn the basic wedding etiquette on clothing before you bend some and break some.

Below are some guide for you, bride-to-be, on wedding etiquette + clothing:

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Bride

Traditionally the bride wears white. This is said to signify virginal purity and innocence. But these days there's a slight changes in wedding etiquette on clothing for bride. Brides are now allowed to wear a variation of white, such as ivory, creme, and pale pastel colors to match the wedding's color motif.

For a widow bride who will wed for the second time, the tradition is for a bride to wear lilac or lavander. However, modern brides don't follow this tradition faithfully. Even ministers and priests allow widow brides to wear wedding dress that they feel appropriate. In fact modern wedding etiquette + clothing on widow bride is cream or ivory colored wedding dress.

For a church wedding, brides are asked to wear formal and more traditional wedding dress. The old wedding etiquette on clothing for church wedding has been kept for centuries although the church do allow creme colored wedding dress and a tube and low back style wedding dress as long as the shoulders are draped with semi-transparent cloth or the veil covers it.

With wedding that will be held at the registry office or which is more know as the civil wedding ceremony, brides are allowed to wear any wedding dress that they like. Simple evening dress may do, even your regular working clothes may do. With civil wedding ceremony, the rule on wedding etiquette + clothing do not apply.

Of course, if you want to avoid cringing at your photograph when people look at it or if you yourself look at it in the future, don't try to wear a wedding dress that don't look good at you. Forget the wedding etiquette on clothing, just follow the few good teachings of street smart sensibilities. Extreme fashion didn't look good yesterday and won't look good today and tomorrow.

The wedding etiquette on clothing if the bride is formally dressed, the rest of the wedding party and wedding guests should be formally dressed.

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Groom

The traditional wedding etiquette on clothing for the groom, the male members of the family and the groomsmen should wear morning dress. For evening weddings the modern wedding etiquette on clothing for groom is Tuxedo and black bow tie. For civil ceremonies, groom may wear suit or match the dress theme of his bride. If his bride will sport a summer look, he should wear a soft, flowing, linen polo and beige cotton pants to match his bride's summer get-up.

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Bridesmaids

Wedding etiquette on clothing for bridesmaid dictates that bridesmaids should wear any dress that the bride chooses for them. However, bridesmaids may choose to dress differently with each other. It is acceptable that bridesmaids have different dress the designs. The only thing that they should maintain is the color of the dress. They should wear the same color, the color that the bride requires.

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Male Attendants

Ushers and best man cannot choose the dress that they want. They will dress the same as the groom. If the groom wears a morning dress or a tuxedo and a black bow tie, then so will they.

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Immediate Family

Any close family will dress formally. The two mothers, that of the bride and the groom, must not both wear dress of the same color, while the fathers wear any dress that the groom chooses. The choices, however, is just between black tie and morning dress.

-- Wedding Etiquette on Clothing for Guests

The invitation speaks what guests should wear. A formal invitation requires them to wear a formal attire. Modern wedding etiquette on clothing for guests has allowed male guests to wear black tie even if the wedding is a bit informal. For the female guests, they are now allowed to wear evening dress to match their partner's black tie.